Not Every Doctor is a Money Making Machine

Picture credits: The Hindu Business Line

I do not know what generalisations prevail in other countries regarding medical doctors’ income but I can surely speak for my country. In India, it is a common held belief that ‘doctors are a big time money making machines’ They charge hefty fee and are very rich people. There is a certain amount of truth to that. Why? Because in every country there are certain professions that allow one to earn pretty decent amount of money. People belonging to certain professions never seem to go out of business. Medicine is one such profession. That’s how things are. And we cannot change them.

Ever since I have grown up enough to make sense of the world I have come to realise that every medical doctor in India is labelled as a “money making machine”. Consultation fee are all time high. Unnecessary tests are advised. Commissions are set. Big houses at different places. Multiple bank accounts in different banks. And the list goes on….It is true that medical doctors are ‘becoming’ businessmen. To them patients are not a priority. They don’t care much if their patient is going to get well after seeking the treatment. Such doctors do no justice to their profession. They act against their oath. And it is pretty sad.

However, generalisation is bad especially in this case. Generalisation is one of the cognitive distortions humans are pre-wired with. So it is natural to say that ‘every medical doctor is like a robber: snatching away people’s hard earned money’. We look at someone and then go on generalising. I think it’s time we take a moment and debunk this generalisation. Why? Because there are so many doctors out there not just in India but all over the world who care a great deal about their patients. They have a duty to cure people and they do it full honesty. Money is important to them as no life can sustain without money. They want their spouses, children, parents, relatives and friends to have a good life. But never at the cost of going against their oath. It is okay for such doctors to have no social life but totally unacceptable to see their patients suffer at 11 PM. They don’t want their patients to suffer because of the money and so they charge what even the poorest can afford. It is okay for them to not upgrade an old car. A car or other material stuff stands nowhere near the satisfaction a doctor gets after seeing his/her patients get all well. Imagine how bad it feels to these saint doctors when they are also labelled as ‘scavengers’. They spend their whole lives living to a bare minimum and yet they are perceived as the richest people on the planet.

People feel absolutely no guilt spending 2000 rupees in fancy restaurants eating foods that are killing their bodies or even getting a Netflix and Spotify subscription. But come about complaining when a doctor charges 500 rupees as a consultation fee. What is wrong with asking what one deserves? Doctors spend so many good years of their lives studying so they are skilled enough to cure people. Why can’t people just see all the hard work they have put in for years and years? But all eyes are on “CONSULTATION FEE: Rs 500”. I am not saying you should cancel your Netflix subscription or stop eating food in restaurants. It is your money and you can do whatever will make you happy. But attacking doctors all the time on the grounds of fee and other things does not reflect one’s goodness.

The world has changed a lot. Money is taking over people’s love for each other. People are forgetting about their duties and responsibilities. In the midst of all this darkness, there are many people who are keeping the light on. And that light is a sign that humanity is still alive.