Decoding Myself- Paradox

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You see, I love this word. It sounds so sophisticated to me. But that’s not the whole story. Paradox is our lives’ reality. It’s who we are. It is a part; a big part of our lives.

We are paradoxical beings.

We wouldn’t want to be anything else, I believe.

Some days we laugh when we are actually very sad– deep within. We laugh very loudly and energetically so that no one hears what the actual sound is deep inside. Some days we are sad from the outside but still there is some contentment and joy deep down. People coming in to make us feel better when in reality we don’t want them to do anything because we are simply at ease and peace.

Many times we say things we don’t mean and don’t say the things we actually mean. We comfort people we don’t like much just because it is noble and conforms to the societal norms. There are times when we are trying hard to impress the very people who are completely different from us just because we don’t want to live with the company of our own thoughts.

Truly we are paradoxical beings. We love being one. We believe life cannot be sustained without it. We believe its one skill we must master at or else we won’t fit in the paradoxical society filled with paradoxical beings.

This is our rigidity.

This is a mistake we are committing every single day.

Who says we must do the opposite of what we love or truly believe in? Who says we must get along with everyone even at the cost of impressing them when we don’t to? Who says we must hide what we are feeling inside of us? Who says we must smile when we are sad and cry when we are deeply blissful? Let the world be a slave. You don’t have to be. Life is too short to be someone you are not. It is way too short to be living like a paradoxical being.

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